We are open from 1st April (Easter time) until the end of end of October. Ideally we would like a weekly booking in high season but we will try to accommodate your requirements so please feel free to email us.
The guesthouse is 250 Euros per night including Margie’s yummy breakfast.

Villa Metato We are not open in the winter months as the cost of heating the guesthouse doesn’t justify the expense. If you do want to book outside of our opening schedule we charge for gas at an unit price of 5 euros. Wood can be purchased for the wood burner at 15 euros a wheel barrow.

This should last a couple of days. Heating can be purchased in the summer as well and the same rate applies. Gas and electricity are very expensive in Italy. In fact electricity is almost 30% more then in the UK. I always remember my step-father hitting me on the back of the head and telling me to turn the lights off once I left a room.

When I was wealthy enough I had my whole house lit up like a Christmas tree but now I’ve found myself telling Marcello (my son) to turn off surplus lights. Funny that, isn't it.

Please note we do not have air conditioning. Firstly, in my view it’s not very good for the environment, I and I’m sure you have left it on in your hotel room with the windows open or left it on 247 regardless whether you’re in or out. To be honest there is really one or maybe two weeks a year when you might wish you had it.

Good housekeeping is the key.

It's interesting in when we first moved here I couldn’t work out why every house had their shutters closed. As an Englishman we would normally open all the windows immediately the sun came out. This however doesn’t happen in Italy and for good reason. This is how it works. Due to the hot weather in the summer months farmers start at 4 or 5am. The air is cool at this time and the windows and shutters of houses will be open to let the cold air circulate. By 7 all the window and shutters are closed to keep in the cold air and hopefully keep the interior of the house cool. Then again in the evening, after 8pm the windows and shutters are opened again. This is why when you visit the Italian countryside in the summer months it would look like no one lives there. It’s simple and effective. Before air conditioning unit were invented New Yorkers would purchase a large brick of ice and leave it in the middle of the room in a bowl.

Saying that I'm considering aircon as I know some of you would like it.