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Italo is the next generation of train travel in Italy. If you’re looking for city to city transport we highly recommend Italo. With trains travelling over 300kmh they are super fast and stylist. They even have a movie carriage and luxury first class for those of you who want to travel in style.
Trenitalia is the national italian train network website. We love travelling by train in Italy. It’s great value for money. Normally on time and fun. I’m a great fan. Trains in Italy are fab. Frecciarossa is the high speed city to city trains network and the alternative to italo. From Villa Metato you can take the train to Florence which takes 75 minutes and Rome is 2.30h.
Umbria Jazz is the biggest Jazz festival in Umbria and probably Italy. Normally it’s on at the beginning of July. From this website you can book tickets to see some of the best Jazz musicians in the world. It’s not all Jazz however.
Ticketone is the no.1 place for purchasing online tickets to all the Italy concerts, entertainment, sport and culture events in Italy. Book online.
From the birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli to Bacchus by Carvaggio, the Uffizi gallery is a must see for everyone travelling to Italy. In the summers months without a prepaid ticket you could be waiting for hours. So why not book your tickets in advance via their website and save yourself a bundle of time.
Sistine chapel. If you haven’t pre-booked your tickets don’t go. It can take up to 4 hours queuing in line. Book here for the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican museum.